Tokebase is Hiring!

Do you have what it takes to guide an army of degen mecha pilots? Tokebase is looking for writers and gigabrained community members who are interested in producing regular content. Contributors will be compensated fairly.

Tokebase is Hiring!


Most of the breaking news and updates in the Tokemak ecosystem are on Podcasts, Twitter, and Discord channels for folks engaged enough to follow along, but most people don't have the ability or desire to keep up with these always-on, ever-flowing platforms all day.

For these people, Tokebase News seeks to distill the news and updates from the Tokemak ecosystem, and repackage them into concise & easy-to-read updates, along with helpful context and "ELI5" breakdowns.

You can view examples of recent Tokemak news posts here at

To help with this initiative, Tokebase is looking for contributors to help update the community on the latest news and developments from the Tokebase Ecosystem.

The Roles

  • News Writer (short posts that cover current events).
  • Guide/Tutorial Writer+Video Producer.
  • Editorial/Deep-Dive/Long-Form Writer (e.g. 0xParadigm's Membrane article)
  • Memeologists & Degens who want to contribute in non-traditional ways (Shitpost on Twitter, write silly articles, make gifs/memes, etc).

If selected, you'll be provided:

  • Access to a private Tokebase Team Telegram
  • An account to write articles for

The Process

  1. We'll share ideas for posts (often links to Tweets) in the private News Team Telegram group.
  2. Whichever writer is online and available to cover the story first can claim the story and start working on it.
  3. For inspiration, check out the posts at, and past Tokebase News posts
  4. News posts should be short and easy to read. Bullet point summaries are acceptable. Each post should ideally take less than 15-20 minutes to generate & publish, and be written within a reasonable timeframe after the news/update is shared in the Telegram channel.
  5. Long-form articles should explore an interesting subject related to Tokemak and be thoughtfully researched.
  6. Ideally, these posts should include a bit of helpful context to help explain the significance to the audience.
  7. Finished posts can be submitted for review by the Editor (Tratium).

Future Opportunities

  • We're just getting started with Tokebase, and we have some exciting plans for directions we'll be going as the platform and brand grow. Just a few months from launch, we're already positioned extremely well in the Tokemak ecosystem, and there's a lot we'll be able to leverage the platform for as the ecosystem itself evolves.
  • New opportunities to produce podcasts, build tools, apps, and other community-facing projects are all to come.


  • Per-post compensation.
  • Starting rate for news contributors will be $25 per post, paid in USDC token at the end of every month.
  • Starting rate for guide writers will be $125 per post, paid in USDC token at the end of every month.
  • Starting rate for feature/editorial contributors will be $250 per post, paid in USDC token at the end of every month. This is dependent on level-of-effort and quality of the long-form article.


  • Apply using the form below.
  • In your application for a news writer position, include a short, Axios-style bullet-point summary on a recent piece of news or update from the Tokemak ecosystem. The summary should be less than 500 words. Upload it via Notion, Google Docs, Medium, etc., and share the link in the form.
  • Feature/guide/meme creators: please link relevant content.

Contributor Application Form

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