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A Crypto Native Media Agency

We are the diligent community contributors that your DAO wishes it had.


Our team of writers can whip up creative and technical copy to suit your needs.


If your community is already producing written material, our editors can polish it to perfection.

Executive Assistant

Our staff will attend your community calls to write-up the key points and distill the content of the event into digestible summaries.

Quality First

Our priority is quality. We don't settle for shoddy work, and neither should your DAO.

Developers On-Staff Both our creative and technical skills are at your disposal.

Our developers can help you design and build a dApp, create a bespoke dashboard, formulate Dune queries, optimize an API, and more.

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Tokemak is a decentralized market making protocol that allows users to direct liquidity to preferred exchanges through a dynamic governance system.

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Rook utilizes a coordinated network of bots to extract MEV at the application layer, rather than let it slip away to the dark forest of the consensus layer. This allows users to profit from their own order flow.

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