About Starbased

About Starbased

Spun out of Tokebase, a hub for the Tokemak protocol, Starbased (stylized as *based) is a crypto-native professional media agency founded by tratium.

We build and manage “bases” — bespoke community media hubs for select DAOs. We aim to fill the gap that often exists between the gigabrain devs/founders and the community members who don't have time to learn the deep technicals about a protocol or stay current with governance and other happenings.

Our team collects information from select DAOs and the DeFi ecosystem and repackages it into concise, easy-to-read updates, along with helpful context and “ELI5” breakdowns. We provide accessible narratives to help build community engagement.

*based features include news updates, community call summaries, editorials, deep-dive articles, tutorials, and a podcast.

Contact: [email protected]